Vertebrate Paleontology & Ichnofossils Research

Karen Chin
Curator of Paleontology

Karen Chin's research interests are in Mesozoic paleoecology. She is particularly interested in what coprolites (fossil feces) can tell us about the paleobiology of dinosaurs and other vertebrates, and about trophic interactions in ancient ecosystems. Karen has an active field program in the Rocky Mountain region.



Jaelyn Eberle
Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology

Jaelyn Eberle is a Canadian vertebrate paleontologist specializing in fossil mammals. Her research focuses on mammalian evolution across the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary (that infamous boundary when dinosaurs went extinct) and Arctic vertebrate evolution, paleoclimate, and paleobiogeography. Jaelyn has active field programs in the Rocky Mountain region and the Arctic.



Toni Culver
Collections Manager of Paleontology

Toni Culver manages the vertebrate, trace, and eggshell collections. Her expertise in paleontology includes Eocene to Miocene fossil mammals and trace fossils in the Rocky Mountain region. Her field research is also in the Rocky Mountain region.