Notes & Nature

Notes from Nature

Notes from Nature
A Zooniverse Transcription Project

and a partnership of:

Natural History Museum, SERNEC, CalBug,  University of Colorado Museum of Natural History and ViZZuality and citizen scientists worldwide

What is Notes from Nature?
drawer of birdsNotes from Nature is a transcription project allowing people just like you to sit down (or stand up) right now and start digitizing collections from more than 200 institutions. Until now many of these collections have only been accessible in person.

Why participate in Notes from Nature?
With your transcriptions you will be opening the door for more people, including scientists to access more biological data, quickly and easily, from anywhere in the world. Your work may help to address key environmental issues such as the impacts of climate change and how diseases affect wildlife and humans. You can make a difference. You will make a difference.

How do you participate in Notes from Nature?
It's easy, just go to Notes from Nature choose from buds, bugs and birds and start transcribing.