More & Moccasins

More Moccasins

In this exhibit we celebrate the artistry of moccasin makers by presenting over forty pairs of moccasins from our collections at University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. This follows a traveling exhibit we recently hosted by the School for Advanced Research, To Feel The Earth: Moccasins of the Southwest, which featured images of moccasins and the perspectives and practices of moccasin makers. You will find SAR’s video about moccasin makers in the rear of the exhibit.

Our collections include moccasins from all over North America – from the arctic to the plains to the southwest. To show examples of finer details that are hard to see with the naked eye, we took some close-up photographs of moccasins in the display – can you find which moccasins they belong to?

-    Jen Shannon, Curator of Cultural Anthropology