Graduate Program

MFS Graduate Program - Requirements for Public/Administration Track

This track is for those interested in the public aspects of museum work, including education, exhibits, interpretation, audience assessment, administration, and some aspects of curatorial work. It is designed to give students serious academic training in museology and a chosen field, with special emphasis and hands-on experience in all aspects of the public side of museums.

Course Requirements:

Thesis Plan Credit
Project Plan Credit
Intro. to Museums (5011) 4 Intro. to Museums (5011) 4
Collections Management (5051) 3 Collections Management (5051) 3
Exhibition Development (5031) 3 Exhibition Development (5031) 3
Museum Education (5030) 3 Museum Education (5030) 3
Museum Administration (5041) 3 Museum Administration (5041) 3
Advanced Seminar (6110) 3 Advanced Seminar (6110) 3
Specialty hours (5000+)** 9 Minor hours (5000+)** 9
Seminar, Independent Study, Topic, Practicum 1-3 Project hours (6960) 3-4
Thesis hours (6950) 4-6  
Total 32 Total 32

Plus 150 hours of internship for both plans

**Specialty and minor hours may include practicum work, field methods courses, and up to 6 hours of 3000 or 4000 level classes, if appropriate.

A committee of at least three graduate faculty will be selected during the first semester in residence, by consultation between the student, the student's advisor, and the director of the MFS program. At least one member of the committee must be a tenured or tenure-track member of the Museum faculty. The Committee will serve as program advisors for the comprehensive exam and as the defense committee for the thesis or project. A student and advisor may apply for an exception in writing, which must be approved by the MFS program director.

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