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Bring Museum objects to your classroom with our
Discovery Kits, Critter Cases, and Classroom Kits

The University of Colorado Museum loans portable kits for in-class and home use.  Discovery Kits are carry-on sized suitcases and contain authentic museum specimens, casts, models, and activity ideas. The kits can be used as a free-standing study unit or as pre- and/or post-visit activities when combined with a trip to the Museum. Kits are available for a rental fee of $10/week. Please contact the Education Office to schedule a rental and pick-up time. 


Common Plants of Colorado – Study common plants found in different ecosystems in Colorado.

Ancestral Pueblo of Colorado – Explore artifacts and the life ways of the ancient Anasazi.

Bats – Learn about the fascinating bat and the roles it plays in the ecosystem.

Colorado Mammals – Examine skulls and skins from some of Colorado’s common mammals.

Dinosaurs – Learn about the "terrible lizards" of the past.
Fossils of the West – Investigate different types of plant and animal fossils.

Insects – Explore the structure, life cycle, and adaptations of insects.
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Raptors – Study North American birds of prey, including hawks, owls and eagles.



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Owls - Investigate North American owls and their prey.

The iShare Discovery Kits

Learn about the Paiwan – a native people of Taiwan – and the Navajo – a native people from the U. S. – through two Discovery Kits featuring hands-on objects, interactive media, and teacher guides. The iShare Project is a collaboration between the National Taiwan Museum, the Laiyi Indigenous Museum, the Navajo Nation Museum, and the University of Colorado Museum. For more information, visit the web site or call (303) 492-4458.






Critter Cases

Individual mounted specimens of Colorado birds and mammals. Great for art projects or any study that requires looking at animals up close. The rental fee for Critter Cases is $2 per case per week. Please visit the website for a list and photos of the specimens available: click on “Programs” then “Teacher Resources” on the left hand menu.

Please call (303) 492-4458 if you are interested in learning more about this project, and how you can receive a kit and training for your school. 

1. Spotted Skunk
2. Prairie Dog
3. Mantled Ground Squirrel
4. Muskrat
5. Pocket Gopher
6. Thirteen Striped Ground Squirrel
7. Green Winged Teal
8. Yellow Headed Blackbird
9. Western Tanager
10. Robin
11. Bohemian Waxwing
12. Gambel's Quail
13. Evening Grosbeak
14. Stellar's Jay
15. Western Meadowlark
16. Red Winged Blackbirds (male and female)
17. Mourning Dove
18. Burrowing Owl
19. Mountain Bluebird

In Your Classroom: Fossils and Colorado Archaeology Classroom Kits

New hands-on outreach materials featuring real and cast specimens and artifacts, tools, and in-class lesson plans specifically designed to address Colorado Academic Standards. These kits are available for rent or for purchase and include training for teachers in their districts on how to best use the kits in their classrooms.

Classroom Kits are available for:

Please call (303) 492-4458 if you are interested in learning more about this project and how you can receive a kit and training for your school.