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Guided programs are designed as interactive and hands-on learning experiences based on museum exhibits, where students use objects, inquiry, and critical thinking skills to discover, wonder, and reflect. Hands-on workshops are designed as sit-down, in-depth learning experiences offered in conjunction with guided programs. A guided program or hands-on workshop is a content-rich, stand-alone experience; Pairing a guided program and hands-on workshop together provides a wonderful, two hour in-depth, enjoyable educational experience for students. 

Guided Programs:

Recommended for preK – 2nd grades

  • Discover Native Americans

Discover the prehistoric Native Americans of Southwest Colorado through observing, matching, comparing, and sorting. This program includes time to explore the Museum’s Discovery Corner.

  • Discover Fossils

Discover different types of fossils and prehistoric plants and animals through observing, identifying, and comparing. This program includes time to explore the Museum’s Discovery Corner.

Recommended for 2nd – 3rd grades

  • Insect Explorers

Explore the structure and life cycle of insects, focusing on beetles, grasshoppers, and bees. This program is part guided exploration and part station-based, hands-on workshop.

Recommended for 3rd – 5th grades

  • Early Native Peoples of Colorado

Discover and explore the diverse and unique life ways, landscape, and objects of the Ancestral Pueblo peoples (Anasazi) of southwest Colorado and the Four Corners area in this hands-on, station-based guided program.

  • Fossils: Evidence of Past Life

What can we learn from fossils? What do they tell us about past life? Learn how fossil plants and animals reveal clues to the past and explore how life has changed over time in this hands-on, station-based guided program.

  • Adaptation and Variation: Colorado Animals and Plants

How do different animals adapt to their environment? What are ways we classify plants and animals? Explore the structure and function, interaction and interdependence of life all around us in this hands-on, station-based guided program.

Recommended for everybody

  • Stories from the Collection

The CU Museum has the largest natural history collection in the Rocky Mountain region with nearly five million objects. Learn the stories behind some of the highlights of the collection in this hands-on, interactive exploration of the Museum.

Hands-On Workshops:

Recommended for 3rd – 5th grades

  • Prehistoric Pottery and Ancient Stone Tools

Examine and classify prehistoric pottery and stone tool design and shapes. Learn the steps of ancient pottery making and flint knapping.  Students create their own pot and projectile point to take home.

  • Fossils: Clues to the Past
             Discover different types of fossils and investigate how plants and animals become fossilized. Students use paleontology tools to excavate their own fossil to take home. 
  • Animal Adaptation
             Explore skulls, tracks, and scat to learn about the characteristics, adaptations, and variation of
             Colorado animals. Students make their own animal track to take home.