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Fossils in the Classroom - Online Resources for Teachers and Students

For more information:
The International Commission on Stratigraphy includes a global Geologic Time Scale as ratified by the International Commission on Stratigraphy that is avaliable to download.
The New York Science Teacher provides an Earth Science Glossary that lists Spanish translations of Earth Science Terms.
Discovery Education website lets you easily create your own crossword puzzles or word searches using the listed vocabulary words.
The University of California Museum of Paleontology features valuable and easy to understand paleontology resources for teachers.
Earth Observatory discusses the first person to use fossils for determining the relative ages of rocks – William Smith, an English surveyor and canal-digger in the early 1800s. William Smith also built the first geologic map.

The Paleontology Portal feature a wide selection of resources, including curriculum for K-12 teachers and photos of different types of fossils that you can search by location, time period, or type.