Databases & Tissues

Nearly the entire vertebrate collection is databased and available electronically, and a considerable portion has georeferenced locality information (GIS latitude, longitude) especially specimens from Colorado and in other Rocky Mountain and Plains states.

Our specimen records are available through several online portals. For all the data portals, you may choose the University of Colorado Museum (UCM) as a provider and search our collections specifically.

Tissues for DNA analyses: none of our historical collections have tissues specifically preserved for DNA. Alcohol-preserved specimens in the fish and herp collections were preserved first in formalin and then in alcohol; therefore would only be appropriate for molecular methods particular to formalin-preserved tissues. Bird and mammal specimens also do not have tissues specifically preserved for DNA, but do include dried specimen skin, hair, and feathers. New collections (since 2007) by the Vertebrate curator for Rocky Mountain mammals (and some herps) do have alcohol-preserved tissues.