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Collection Databases

Each of the Research Sections is in the process of digitizing its collections with the goal of making these databases publicly accessible through the Museum's website and cross-institutional collaborative websites. Want to know where to find a specific plant, insect, or other animal in Colorado, or find out whether the Museum owns any fossils from Boulder County? This is the place to look.


Joe Ben Wheat Southwest Textile Database
This database contains analytical data and images compiled by Joe Ben Wheat for about twelve hundred textiles from over fifty museums and public collections, including the CU Museum of Natural History's Navajo textile collection.


Specimen Database of Colorado Vascular Plants
Fully searchable database of complete label information for specimens of Colorado vascular plants housed at Herbarium COLO.

Colorado Vascular Plants by County
Species lists by county, or county lists by species name. Includes selected synonyms.

Colorado Type Specimens
Follow this link to download and/or print a report of all of COLO's type specimens. We have a general list of species we hold as well as a printout containing entire label information.



Orthoptera Collection
The Entomology Section's Orthoptera database currently consists of 24,500 grasshoppers that were collected in Colorado from the early 1900s to recent. In the future, we will add all non-grasshopper Orthoptera (katydids and crickets) that are in the collection to the database. This database is part of the Gordon Alexander Project. The above link will take you to the Project's website.

Bees of Colorado
The 2011 publication of The Bees of Colorado is available for download.

Species Type List
Download and/or print a report of the University of Colorado Museum's insect type specimens.

Insect Species List
The insects are listed alphabetically within order, family, and genus. Every effort is made to update nomenclature, however we suggest that when you are looking for a species, you also check for junior synonyms.



Fossil Invertebrate and Plant Collections
The Museum's Fossil Invertebrate and Plant Collections are available for searching online through the Museum's website.

Search the Fossil Vertebrate Collection Database that includes: the Karl Hirsch Eggshell Collection, the Fossil Track Collection, and the Fossil Vertebrate Collections. 


Invertebrate Zoology

When using the following data portal sites, select the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History (CUMNH) as a data provider and search our collections. If you need further assistance or have any questions, or located errors in UCM specimen records, please contact Heather Robson.

The cataloged invertebrate zoology collection records except non-molluscan invertebrates are available for searching online through the Global Biodiveristy Information Facilty (GBIF) database federation project.


Vertebrate Zoology

All the vertebrate zoology collection records are available for accessing online through ARCTOS at The individual links to each vertebrate taxon are listed below. If you need further assistance, have questions, or locate errors in specimen records, please contact Emily Braker.

Mammal Collection

Bird Collection

Reptile and Amphibian Collection

Fish Collection


Zoology Section's UCM data records may be used by individual researchers or research groups for non-commercial purposes. These data may not be repackaged, resold, or redistributed in any form without the express written consent of the section Curator or Director of the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. If any of these records are used in an analysis, report or publication, the provenance of the original data must be acknowledged and the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History notified. UCM or its staff are not responsible for damages, injury or loss due to the use of this data.