Botany & Herbarium

Artwork Access & Museum Policies

Works of art on paper are inherently fragile. Excessive handling may lead to damage by tearing or creasing. Oils from one's skin can leach into the paper, speeding the deterioration process. In addition, exposure to light can fade, yellow, or darken the paintings, and may weaken the paper. With this in mind, handling the artwork is discouraged.

Museum Policy on Access to the Pemberton Collection

The Pemberton collection is currently safeguarded at the University of Colorado Museum Herbarium with the utmost attention to preservation. Controlling the amount of handling and exposure to light is critical in protecting these fragile works of art.

While fulfilling our mission of fostering "exploration and appreciation of the natural environment," the CU Herbarium has provided the Ida Pemberton watercolors in electronic format, thereby making the collection available for research and edification while simultaneously preserving these valuable works of art.

To ensure these works of art available for future generations, the Herbarium strictly limits access to the watercolors.