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Catherine Chalmers / BioLounge

Catherine Chalmers is a multi-media artist whose work focuses on the complex relationship between nature and culture.  Using video, photography, drawing and sculpture, her work aims to give form to the richness, as well as the brutality and indifference that often characterize our connection with animals.  She uses art as a medium to explore and expand her involvement with nature and to discover a way to broaden the cultural significance of the non-human world.

DNA to Diversity:

McKenna Gallery
February 14, 2013- February 18, 2016



Contemporary Pueblo Pottery

Anthropology Hall

Contemporary Pueblo Pottery showcases pottery from historical and contemporary Pueblo potters who remember and honor the ancient pottery produced by their ancestors. Themes, techniques and styles from places like Mesa Verde and the Mimbres Valley are revisited in these strikingly beautiful examples of contemporary Pueblo ceramics.


BioLounge  (New Exhibits - Spring 2014)

Come have a cup of coffee and explore the world of biodiversity in a changing dynamic space that features a vareity of always-changing exhibits.

Fossils: Clues to the Past

Paleontology Hall

We invite you to explore the Paleontology Hall and the exhibit "Fossils: Clues to the Past" to see how fossils are studied and what things can be learned from them.


Just for Kids

Discovery Corner

This special exhibit invites children of all ages to learn about natural history...