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AIA Lecture Series: Architecture and Assemblage at the Site of Polis-Chrysochous on Cyprus

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm
Paleontology Hall

The past three decades have been a golden age in the archaeology of Late Antique Cyprus, and recent efforts have used the archaeology of the island to add to an increasingly complicated understanding of regional exchange, Late Roman identity, and architectural practice. Dr. Caraher will discuss the ongoing work at the site of Polis-Chyrsochous (ancient Arsinoë) on the western side of Cyprus. The research team has worked to document the architecture of an Early Christian basilica and an assemblage of Late Roman ceramics in order to establish connections between this and other sites on Cyprus and southern Anatolia. These connections hint at the material manifestations of the human decisions that constitute culture. The significance of the past 30 years of field work on Cyprus, in this context, becomes clear as it provides an almost unparalleled potential to analyze the material culture of a series of related, yet distinct, sites in the ancient world.

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William Caraher, Ph.D. Department of History, University of North Dakota