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Summer Workshops for K-5

This year’s theme is “Leaving Your Mark” in conjunction with our new exhibit, “Steps in Stone, Walking Through Time.” Come and learn how ancient animals from the very large to the very small left evidence of their lives. Our Archaeology days will show your kids how humans have left their mark, and what we can learn about ancient cultures from the artifacts we find. From dinosaurs and insects to deep sea creatures, our topics are sure to engage your children and make an impression on their summer!







2015 Workshops for students in kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade:

Sticks and Stones
June 12 and July 17

Pollinators in Your Backyard
June 19 and August 7

Walk the Earth with Dinosaurs
June 26 and July 31

Wildlife Detectives
July 10 and July 24

2015 Workshops for students in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade:

Fossil Tracks: Tails, Teeth and Toes
June 12 and July 10

Talking Trash
June 19 and July 17


Wild about Water
June 26 and July 31


Creep into the Deep
June 24 and August 7