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Summer Workshops for K-5

We had a great summer of workshops! We hope you will join us in the Summer of 2015. Please check back in early March for our 2015 schedule.

In the meantime, please explore the 2014 summer topics to get an idea of what we do.







2014 Workshops for students in kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade:

What Did those Dinos Look Like?
June 6 and July 11 (The June 6 workshop is FULL)(The July 11 workdhop is FULL)
Spend some time with our dinosaurs, exploring them inside and out! What can you learn about dinosaurs by examining the things they left behind? We’ll look at tracks, fossil bones, and even some fossilized dung. Go on a mock dig and unearth a real fossil. Put it all together to create a collage where YOU decide what dinos looked like.

Oceans of Life
June 13 and July 18(The June 13 workshop is FULL)(The July 18 workshop is FULL)
From the tiniest zooplankton to the biggest blue whale, with a stop along the way for sea horses and jellyfish, we’ll explore some of the amazing animals of the sea. Even though they’re far away, we’ll keep them close in our thoughts with the art we create.

Happy Feet
June 20 and August 1(The June 20 workshop is FULL)
Where would we be without our feet?! Walking, swimming, running and perching are just a few things animal feet do. We’ll explore dinosaur tracks and how geckos walk on the ceiling; make plaster casts of tracks and do a little dance. We’ll end with human feet in our moccasin exhibit to look up close at Native American footwear.

Insect Symmetry
June 27 and July 25 (The June 27 workshop is FULL)
Explore the exciting shapes, color combinations, patterns, and textures of insects. We’ll look up close at insects from our collection and design some of our own. Moths and butterflies will play a prominent role in our explorations of the vast and diverse insect world.

Snacks and Attacks! This workshop is FULL
August 8
A workshop all about food. Climb your way up the food chain as we figure out who eats what. Real museum specimens will be our guides to what animals eat. We’ll excavate arrowheads as we explore how ancient humans hunted and “gather” plants to make our snacks.

2014 Workshops for students in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade:

Pond Works
June 6 and August 8 The August 8 workshop is FULL
This is your chance to try out some of the tools and techniques our museum scientists use to study life in the water. We’ll spend some time at ponds on campus observing and collecting and then go back to the lab to identify and draw the creatures collected. Design a field journal to record your naturalist observations.

Inspired by Audubon
June 13 and July 11
Become a ‘keen observer’ of nature with a focus on birds. We’ll use real museum specimens as our models. Search for patterns in feathers and flocks in flight. Put it all together to create your own ‘zentangle’ bird drawing.

Wildflowers, Wildflowers, Everywhere
June 20 and August 1 (The June 20 workshop is FULL)

We’ll go from Fibonacci’s Italy of the year 1200, to Lewis and Clark’s 1800’s trek across the US west, to our own Boulder 21st century backyard, in our explorations of wildflowers. Dissect a flower under a microscope, learn about botanical illustration, and make your own identification guide.

Drawing from Nature
June 27 and July 25
By observing the world around us, we can become better artists, and by illustrating nature, we can become more observant scientists.  Join us in making observations and practicing some drawing techniques to help you create more realistic artwork.  We'll draw inside and outside of the museum.  Go home with your sketches, a fantastic drawing, and a booklet to guide your family to practice drawing from the natural world!

Archaeology: Design and Engineering (This workshop is FULL)
July 18
From building Mayan pyramids to carrying water up Mesa Verde cliffs; from painting Mimbres pots to weaving Navajo rugs – people have been solving problems in intelligent and beautiful ways for centuries. Build your own pyramid, weave a pouch, and see how far (and fast) you can carry water on your head.