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Fossils in the Classroom - Lab Investigations

The Fossils in the Classroom teaching kit includes a collection of fossils and supporting lesson plans that allow teachers and students hands-on experience in Paleontology. The overall goal of this project is to address the following curriculum standard:

Standards/Essential Learnings (page 72, CDE Colorado Academic Standards)

Content Area: Science
Standard: 2. Life Science
Grade Level Expectations: Fourth Grade
Concepts and skills students master:

  • Comparing fossils to each other or to living organisms reveals features of prehistoric environments and provides information about organisms today.

The activities are structured as classroom investigations, each with a unique theme that utilizes different fossil and cast material from the kit.

Evidence Outcomes
Students will be able to:

  • Use evidence to develop a scientific explanation for:
    1. What fossils tell us about a prehistoric environment
    2. What conclusions can be drawn from similarities between fossil evidence and living organisms
  • Analyze and interpret data to generate evidence about the prehistoric environment.
  • Evaluate whether reasoning and conclusions about given fossils are supported by evidence