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January 1, 2010

Congratulations to both Dr. Karen Chin and Dr. Dena Smith for receiving tenure from the University of Colorado this past fall.

The award of tenure recognizes their achievement in research, museum work, teaching and mentoring students, and service to university and professional communities - well done!
Karen Chin
"I study the structure and dynamics of ancient ecosystems through the study of fossil feces. Specifically, I try to answer such questions as: 'Who ate whom (or what)?', 'Which organisms shared close relationships?', and 'How were resources recycled?' Such associations shed light on the composition and organization of ancient ecosystems and show how they differed from modern systems."
Dena Smith
"My research is broadly focused on insects in the fossil record. To study ecology and evolution, I conduct both in depth fi eld-based research at targeted localities and large-scale literature based research across multiple geologic time intervals. I also conduct studies in modern ecosystems to learn more about the specifics of plant-insect interactions and processes of fossilization."

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