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"The Renaissance of Mesa Verde Pottery" with artist Clint Swink

March 7, 2013

A Program of the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History


Professional artist and master potter Clint Swink will present “The Renaissance of Mesa Verde Pottery,” at 7 p.m., Thursday, March 7, at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History.


Swink has been creating Anasazi and Maya pottery replicas for 27 years. His pioneering replicating efforts have led to the rediscovery of lost Anasazi (Ancestral Puebloan) ceramics art forms, such as Mesa Verde Black-on-white, of which he is now considered to be the only living master. His legendary dedication to archaeological accuracy has created a new school of art, and according to National Geographic "...his labors have kindled a new appreciation for those who left behind the beauty of their art..." Swink will bring samples of his work and will talk about the processes that are necessary to authentically replicate various forms of Mesa Verde pottery.


Each piece that Swink creates is made from clay that he gathers from the prehistoric production area in which the replicated pottery was originally manufactured then built. Swink explains, “After yucca brush painting with Rocky Mountain Bee Plant or mineral paint the pots are then fired in a replica Anasazi trench kiln using indigenous fuels of pinon pine and juniper.”


Swink's work has been featured in Ceramics Monthly, American Archaeology, National Geographic, and in documentaries on both The History Channel and PBS.

Signed copies of Swink's book, "Messages from the High Desert," will be available for $50. His book details authentic production techniques of Mesa Verde pottery.

The museum is located in the Henderson Building at 15th Street and Broadway. Limited parking is available to the public in lot #208 on the south side of the museum. The cost for parking after 5 p.m. at this and all CU parking lots is $3. The museum is easily accessed by bike, B-cycle, foot, and bus (16th and Broadway/Euclid stop).

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