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April 19, 2004
The CU Museum announced this year's recipients of the Walker Van Riper, William H. Burt, and Clark awards.
Each year, the CU Museum is proud to support students conducting dynamic research in museum-related fields, including earth and life sciences, history, fine arts, and anthropology. There are three categories of awards. Walker Van Riper awards are given to selected CU students with outstanding scholastic records and research in natural history or humanities; William H. Burt Awards are given to students whose research makes significant contributions to natural history, especially mammalogy; and the Clark Scholarship is awarded to Native American students in museum-related studies.
This year, the CU Museum Student Awards Committee had an exceptional pool of applications, ranging in topic from dinosaurs to Chaco Canyon!
This year's recipients of Walker Van Riper awards are: Sarah Barber, Matthew Bealor, Danielle Benden, Mary Coleman, Quinn Daly, Matt Kern, Shannon Kuchel, Monique McHenry, Tamar Scoggin, Kathleen Sims, Brenda Todd, Justin Tweet, Heather Williams, Lauren Golten, and David Hunzicker.
This year's recipients of William H. Burt awards are: Renee Culver, David Daitch, David Hunzicker, Amy Levine, Sharon Lewandowski, James Louden, Heidi Schutz, Jory Brinkerhoff, David Conlin, Ian Cunningham, Toni Piaggio, and Dana Whitlaw.
The sole recipient of this year's Clark Scholarship is Heidi McCann.
Congratulations to this year's recipients of the Walker Van Riper, Burt, and Clark awards! Your research proposals were truly outstanding.

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