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AIA Lecture. "Governing Ancient Persia"

March 6, 2013

Archeological Institute of America (AIA) Distinguished Lecture Series


Elspeth Dusinberre, Ph.D., University of Colorado Classics Department, will present a free Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) lecture, “Governing Ancient Persia,” 7 p.m., Wednesday, March 6, “at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History.


The Achaemenid Persian empire (ca. 550-330 BCE) was enormous, incorporating thousands of miles and many different cultures within its boundaries. This has caused Professor Dusinbere to ask the question and research, “How in the world could a sociopolitical entity this size manage the affairs of governance in an age before rapid transit or instant communication?” Thanks to textual, visual, and archaeological materials, Dusinberre will explain how the intricate and sophisticated ways this empire governed its people in the centuries before it was conquered by Alexander the Great can be reconstructed. This talk considers archives, palaces, food and alcohol, gender relations, the original Pony Express, and the (literal!) use of smoke and mirrors in its analysis of Ancient Persia.


Prof. Dusinberre teaches primarily Greek and Near Eastern archaeology. She has been awarded six University of Colorado teaching awards, the Chancellor's Faculty Recognition Award, and the Faculty Graduate Advisor Award.


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