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Advisory Boards

Student Advisory Board (SAB)

The Museum's Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a group of undergraduate students recruited each year to provide input, feedback, advice, and support on Museum programs, exhibits, projects, and innovative ways for the Museum to market to the University of Colorado campus and the student body.

Advisory Board (UCMAB)

The University of Colorado Museum of Natural History's Advisory Board (UCMAB) is composed of a diverse group of individuals who are working to benefit the Museum. The purpose of this organization is to advise and support the Museum's faculty, staff, members, and volunteers in all the Museum activities.

UCMAB Members for 2014

Barbara Diehl
Laurie Eason
Carol Gallucci
Lissy Garrison
Carol Heepke
Ellen Horowitz
Mary Jarchow
Pat Kociolek
Randall Nishiyama
Danielle Okin
Rob Pudim
Jean Rodeck
Joe Romig
Jackie Sandblom
Beth Steinhorn
Richard Stewart