Entomology Section

The Entomology Collection of the University of Colorado Museum contains approximately 600,000 insects and arachnids. It is especially rich in material from the Rocky Mountain Region, but has representation from throughout the United States as well as some material from around the world. The strengths of this collection are the Lepidoptera (butterflies), Hymenoptera (bees), spiders, Coleoptera, Orthoptera, and Homoptera. Regional collections such as this are especially important to the ecological and systematic communities because of their historical value, the concentration of collecting in a particular area, and their unusually excellent label data.

The Entomology section is located on the CU Boulder campus, on the third floor of the newly renovated Bruce Curtis Building (MCOL). We welcome visitors who would like to use the collection. Please contact us at (303) 492-6270 should you wish to visit (directions). We are generally available by appointment from 10–4.