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New Research: Giant flightless bird wandered the Arctic 50 million years ago

Curator of Fossil Vertebrates Dr. Jaelyn Eberle and colleagues describe the first and only fossil evidence from the Arctic of a massive bird known as Gastornis. Find out more about the research published in the most recent issue of Scientific Reports, an open access, weekly journal from the publishers of Nature at Read More

Unearthed: Ancient Life in the Boulder Valley

Anthropology Hall

The discovery of stone tools from the late Pleistocene within the city limits of Boulder is a rare event in archaeology. This new exhibit features a collection of 80+ stone tools known as The Mahaffy Cache that was found in a Boulder backyard in 2008. The exhibit includes interactive elements and video, as well as replicas of the tools that visitors can pick up and hold.

Weaving the World Into a Basket

Anthropology Hall

Connecting people, their everyday lives, and their environment.  On public display for the first time, this exhibit showcases hand woven baskets by Native American artists from all over North America, from the archaeological to the contemporary. Three iterations with different baskets will be exhibited.

Banner Exhibit: Bats

2nd Floor Stairway gallery








The banners displayed on the second floor and in the stairwells of the museum are high resolution images highlighting selected items from the collection.